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The important to safe drinking water

The important to safe drinking water

One a day the old people said that

The drinking water is the only food that indispensable and  cannot be substituted.

Many people in most countries suffer from the inadequacy or hazardous condition of public water supplies (WHO 1985). A wide variety of known waterborne diseases, including those associated with children's diarrhea, are rampant (Tartakow and Vorperian 1980; Feachem et al. 1983; WHO 1984, 1987). This prompted the establishment of the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade. It aims at providing about 90% of the human population with an adequate, safe community water supply by 1990 (WHO 1985).

The microbiological problems of drinking water are following diseases caused of bacteria, viruses, and amoeba:

Typhoid epidemics, dysentery, cholera, legionnaire’s disease, enteritis, hepatitis, tuberculosis, amoebic dysentery, etc.

But the traditional disinfection methods are not effective enough against the new generation micro-organisms and also can creates harmful byproducts and carcinogenic like "THMs" & "AOX" and chloramines.  

The disinfection with our genius disinfectant "Miller® products" is highly effective and also highly safe, The main advantage of "Miller® products" is its non-toxic nature for humans and animals, while being extremely strong and efficient at the same time. "Miller® products"  is colorless like water and has no taste or odor, so there is no change to the taste of food or water. In its diluted form it is non-irritant to eyes, skin and mucous membranes, and it is non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic. There is no resistance strain formation of microorganisms against "Miller® products". Unlike most traditional disinfectants , "Miller® products" is stable in hot temperatures and hot temperature in-use solutions.

"Miller® products" Based on hydrogen peroxide and silver which represents an efficient, non-toxic and environmental eco-friendly technology in all fields. According to the EEC, WHO, and the USEPA silver and hydrogen peroxide pose no harmful effects to humans (Pedahzur et al 1995). France, Germany, Switzerland and Australia have all approved hydrogen Peroxide / silver products for drinking water disinfection (Pedahzur et al 1995, Shuval et al 1995).

6 Reasons to Drink Healthy Water:-

- Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids.
- Water Can Help Control Calories.
- Water Helps Energize Muscles.
- Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good.
- Water Helps Your Kidney
- Water Helps Maintain Normal Bowel Function

The special features and advantages of "Miller® products" when used in drinking water to be Healthy:-

·  100% chlorine free

·  free of aldehydes

·  no efficacy gaps

·  high olygo dynamic effects

·  No known microbiological resistance, two phase products "two mechanisms of action"

·  high thermo-stability

·  high depot effects

·  Penetrates and eliminates biofilm layers

·  non-toxic

·  carrying the pH value of diluted solution

·  harmless to waste water and environment

·  no taste, no color

·  odorless

·  insensitive to light

·  no carcinogenic effect

·  no mutagenic effect

·  easy handling and dosing

·  cost-efficient

·  has a broad spectrum of efficiency and no gap of effects "Miller® products"  is efficient against

   *  Bacteriophages

   * Viruses

   * Spores

   * Yeasts

   * Moulds

   * Gram positive bacteria

   * Gram negative bacteria

   * Protozoa and amoeba


The natural filtering of wells is often not efficient to keep water with good quality. In opposite again and again wells cannot be used for drinking purposes directly because of negative environmental influences.

This Fact is true of for private wells, wells for public water supply and also for wells for producer of mineral water and bottled  water.

Through the demonstrated long-time effect of "Miller® products", through the falling away of changes of taste and smell and other undesirable side effects and through the demonstrated non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic effect, "Miller® products" is completely suitable for disinfection of wells.

The regulations for the maximum content of silver ions in drinking water are considerable higher than concentrations of silver ions in drinking water treated with "Miller® products".

A correct application of "Miller® products" fulfills legal regulation. The average dose of "Miller® products" for the disinfection of drinking water is 10 mg/l. The content of silver ions in this dose is 0.005mg/l.

Some examples of legal allowed maximal contents of silver ions in drinking water are following:

   * USA, Canada, Russia, Japan 0.05 mg/l

   * EU 0.08 mg/l

   * Switzerland 0.10 mg/l

That is with "Miller® products" prepared drinking water contains according to the specific directions 10 – 20 times fewer silver ions as allowed.

The World Health Organization WHO recommends a maximal harmless silver absorption of silver ions by drinking water treatment of 180 mg/day (31/drinking water/person/day).

A man absorbs 15 mg silver with 31 drinking water per day and an

average dose of "Miller® products" is 12 times less than the WHO recommendation.

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The important to safe drinking water
The important to safe drinking water
The important to safe drinking water
The important to safe drinking water

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