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Miller Description

Miller is an ecological disinfectant which based on hydrogen peroxide and silver ions in the presence of a corrosion inhibitor material. The specific formula of Miller has a synergetic effect.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is an oxidizing agent with disinfecting properties.

Furthermore, it is a substance which releases oxygen, thereby transforming itself in pure water (H2O), not leaving any trace elements in the treated water.

Silver ions have oligodynamic effect "High effect at low concentration"
The combination of oxidation and oligodynamy resulted in a two-phased (multi-facetted) product capable of destroying biofilm at normal application concentration.
Advantages and Properties of the Miller Disinfectant:

- universal range of application
- no gaps
- long-term effect
- hinders a renewed contamination
- no danger of bacterial resistance
- effective at water temperatures of 0°C – 95°C
- effectiveness and long-term effect are guaranteed even at high water temperatures
- no danger in case of overdosing
- does not create any odor
- has no toxic effect in its diluted state
- no carcinogenic or mutagenic effect
- in its diluted state it does not cause irritation to skin, eyes and mucous membranes
- does not alter the taste of foodstuffs treated
- no need to rinse after application
- neutralization after use not necessary
- practically not detrimental to waste water and environment
- does not enter into chemical combination with any other chemical element
- the pH value is not altered by the application in the recommended concentration
- storage of up to 5 years possible
- own measuring and regulating equipment
- All raw material and equipment suppliers as well as the Miller® manufacturing plants
  satisfy the norms ISO 9001.
- VAH/DGHM Certificate

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